Oh, Egypt!

Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. A breath of fresh air

2. Amazing architecture and artifacts

3. Food, food, and food!

So many things I love about Egypt. I'll share them all with you here on this website.

5 Hotels in Egypt That Attract Most Tourists


Egypt is a country that is famous for its history. The country has exciting tourist attractions that are must-sees. Since many tourists visit the country, Egypt has invested in luxury hotels to suit its guests’ tastes. 

• The Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh Hotel

Located in Hurghada Egypt, the hotel has wonderful staff members who are focused on delivering quality services. The hotel rooms are spacious with comfortable beds – a plus for people like me who know the importance of a comfortable bed. Each room has its private pool, dining area, kitchen and a living area.

• The Royal Savoy Sharm El Sheikh

The Royal Savoy is best suitable for couples on honeymoon. It offers a lovely suite with an extremely comfortable four poster bed with a Jacuzzi in every room. Royal Savoy has the best food and employees who are very courteous. The hotel is located near the Soho Square and has beautiful rooms and offers specialized services.

• Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

The hotel provides wifi and sauna in all rooms, and the rooms are spacious and uniquely designed. The hotel gives the perfect view of the Nile and the hills beyond. The hotel is just 15 minutes away from El Karnak temple which is the largest temple in Luxor city. 

The above are five-star hotels and can be booked online through emails; the reply is very fast. They are all located in a peaceful location, and their employees are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure their guests are comfortable. These Egypt hotels can offer the best sleep because of mattresses and beddings that are like the ones (if not the same ones) found at Upon A Mattress.

Off the Beaten Path:Attractions in Egypt Most Tourists Don't Know About


One of the most famous, well-documented and most beautiful civilizations of the ancient world comes from the desert. Egypt has long fascinated travelers and tourists with its stories and histories of pharaohs, queens, pyramids, mummies, and all things mysterious and hidden. However, Egypt is more than just its famous pyramids and archaeological sites. It has developed over the centuries into its own, offering the world more beautiful things to see and wonderful cultural experiences to immerse in than those that are typically find in all sorts of textbooks and travel books. Here's a few of the many attractions in Egypt that most tourists don’t know about but should.


1. New Library of Alexandria

The historical Royal Library of Alexandria was the center for scholarly studies in the ancient world. It was burned down centuries ago along with many scrolls and other works from lifetimes past. Egypt has been working to restore the library to its former glory, and it’s definitely worth to see.


2. Aswan Botanical Gardens

Even deserts can have botanical gardens of their own, and Aswan is like a mirage in the desert itself. It’s a refreshing break from all the historical sites tourists are bound to visit while in Egypt. Aswan offers a nice walk surrounded by greenery and flora. There’s also a plus on the fact that the garden is on an island along the Nile.


3. Cairo Citadel

This place is an amazing beauty of architecture and religious influences combined. The citadel is supposedly made of stones from the smallest pyramid of Giza. It is as large and grand as expected and has been serving the same purpose since the 12th century. While inside, don’t forget to look up to enjoy the ceiling art. Don’t worry because there will not be many tourists around.


4. The Souks

This is probably the best way to become immersed in the current Egyptian culture. The souk, or market, is where you fill all the senses with the vibrant colors of Egypt and the many spices and smells of Egyptian cuisine. It’s worth a walk through to find a memento to keep about your trip.


Egypt is a magical place full of opportunities for awe. It’s a given for tourists to visit the usual historical and ancient archeological sites, but tourists should also give the rest of Egypt a chance. Surely, they will not be let down.